Everyone in our community deserves to feel safe. We’ve made significant gains in the last several years, but in order to make a lasting impact on the long-term safety of our community, we have to take a multipronged approach. It’s our responsibility to provide our public safety departments with the resources they need and continue to develop quality neighborhoods by addressing the issues of distress and blight.

Over the last four years, we’ve taken our responsibility seriously, and have made great strides in both of these areas. We have consolidated public safety department functions to provide more resources to address repeat criminal behavior and have implemented technology from the Real Time Crime Center to dramatically lower crime rates (nearly 20% decrease in the last year alone). In the last year alone, we’ve seen a decrease in crime of 20%. Our progress and ability to blend information and data to make our community safer makes Ogden a leading example of success in our state. The quality neighborhood development program has put close to 10 million dollars a year into reclaiming entire city blocks. We have rehabbed old rentals, drug houses, and blight for a total of 242 homes which are now owner occupied. We are creating safe, walkable, and playable neighborhoods for our community.