My office knows that we can’t grow and develop without using our resources wisely. Since 2012, we have seen over a 5% increase in our tax base annually which is the highest rate in two decades, and we’ve worked hard to put that investment too good use. Growing our tax base reduces our need to increase taxes to provide essential government services and support our school district. In addition to increasing our tax base, we have fostered an environment of creativity for small-businesses. Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit is just one of the many things that sets Ogden apart from other communities. Our Businesses information Center participated in three local industry-led entrepreneurial training programs which produced more than 150 Ogden-owned business graduates in the last year. Ogden City’s small business loan program has supported up to 14 local businesses annually. While we continue to foster an environment for growth for local businesses, we will continue to attract larger companies and remain one of the nation’s highest ranked communities for advanced industry employees.