“My time serving as the Mayor of Clearfield City has allowed me to work with Mayor Caldwell many times over the years. I appreciate the creativity that he brings to Northern Utah when tackling issues like public safety and economic development. The impact of his leadership not only shows in Ogden, but across the region.”

“During my time as a House Representative, I had the opportunity to work closely with Mayor Caldwell as he ensured the voices of Ogden City residents were heard on the hill. His ability to build relationships across state departments and local entities has established Ogden, and Northern Utah, as an integral part of the conversation.”

“Mike’s vision for the future is not only an asset to Ogden City, but to the entire Northern Utah Community. The leaders we support now will determine our prosperity tomorrow. Join me in supporting Mike for Mayor!”

“Over the years, I have worked with Mayor Caldwell to tackle tough issues like housing, transportation, and homelessness. His ability to build consensus and lead through example will serve the residents of Ogden well the next four years.”

“As Ogden Mayor, Mike Caldwell has worked hard to give Ogden a seat at the table. Ogden is prepared to lead as Utah grows rather than follow. I’d encourage you to vote Mike for Mayor!”

“Mayor Caldwell’s commitment to revitalizing our neighborhoods and affordable housing is a great example for all Utah communities as we face rapid growth. I am confident Mayor Caldwell will prioritize our quality of life as Ogden grows.”

“Mayor Caldwell played a significant role in revitalizing the relationship of Ogden City and Weber State during my time as University President. This important partnership has benefited both students and residents alike and will continue to enrich our community for years to come.”

“As a new legislator, I look forward to working with Mayor Caldwell over the next four years to continue making Northern Utah the best place in Utah to call home.”

“We love calling Ogden home and appreciate all the hard work Mayor Caldwell has done to bring community leaders together to improve Ogden. We are voting Mike Caldwell for Mayor!”

“Mike is a man who leads through action rather than words. Join me in voting for the charismatic leader Ogden needs to keep moving forward.”