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  • Ogden is home to the country’s narrowest wealth gap. We’ll continue to close that gap by focusing on homeownership and affordability. The Quality Neighborhoods program revitalizes neglected properties, turning them into safe and affordable neighborhoods.

  • Ogden is ranked 14th for highest share of advanced industry employees, and 7th best city for starting a business. Our continued support of STEM program development and focus on business development has allowed us to retain local talent from our high schools and university, making us a model for the nation.

  • Ogden has grown its tourism tax base substantially over the last decade. We recognize we’re home to world-class outdoor experiences and uniquely creative entertainment. The Ogden Twilight Concert Series alone, attracted Utahns from over 500 zip codes. The secret is out: Ogden is awesome.

Let’s Keep Ogden Moving Forward

I have been building relationships in Ogden since elementary school. My neighborhood friends on 9th street and connections made during my college years at Weber State have since grown into important relationships with community residents, city employees, and professional and government leaders throughout the state. It has been an honor to serve with and lead our exceptional community. The friendships I have built along the way have enriched my life and, I believe, moved Ogden forward.

Ogden has had some incredible successes and received national recognition for our accomplishments. I don’t attribute that success to myself alone, but to the hundreds of individuals I have been lucky enough to collaborate with to keep Ogden at the forefront of progress and development. I’ve served as Vice Chair of the Economic Development Corporation of Utah, Chair of the Wasatch Front Regional Council, member of the Legislative Transportation Task Force, and many other positions all with the end goal of providing Ogden with a seat at the table.

The benefits of collaboration can be felt across the city. Economic development partnerships have helped Ogden’s Police Department become one of the most proactive in the state. Using technology through the Real Time Crime Center has helped dramatically lower crime rates (a 19.7% drop in the last year alone), and the blend of data and information has made Ogden an example of how to make the community safer.

As we have prioritized public safety, we have committed nearly 10 million dollars a year to reclaiming entire city blocks and turning them into family owned homes in walkable, playable environments. And for the last decade, my team has worked to organize and fund the BRT project, a $70 million-dollar project that will create hundreds of millions in Transportation Oriented Development and be a model for the rest of the Wasatch Front.

Of course, educational opportunities are the foundation of our long-term success in community safety, economic development, and growth. During my tenure as Mayor, I worked closely with Weber State leadership to establish the College Town Initiative. This award-winning initiative has helped create an environment where students and long-time residents can grow and learn together. I will continue to prioritize such programs and look for new ways to support education opportunities through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programming at the district level, and strengthening relationships between our city, school district, and Weber State.

I hope that you will continue to trust me to develop collaborative relationships that move Ogden forward. Our continued success depends on our willingness to work together. Join the team and help keep Ogden moving forward.

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